A Complete Guide to Microlink Extensions

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Long hair is difficult to achieve and maintain. This is where microlink extensions come in handy. They’re becoming more and more popular thanks to how seamlessly they blend in with your natural hair. Read on to find out how to style them and how they can benefit you.

What Are Microlink Extensions?

Microlink extensions are extensions attached to the hair with a silicone microbead. They are usually attached to the roots of small sections of your hair and are applied strand by strand. This gives you a more natural look compared to crochet extensions, for example.

You can choose from weft microlinks that use small, silicone-lined beads, I-Tips with a copper bead, and K-Tips, which are attached to the hair using keratin. Discuss the different types with your stylist, and they’ll help you choose the perfect one for your hair type.

How Much Do Microlink Extensions Cost?

Depending on the size, quality of the hair, and how much your stylist charges, the price of your extensions might vary. They range from $700 to $1,500, but you might also come across cheaper options. Keep in mind that maintaining the hair will also be needed, so make sure to ask your stylist about future appointments.

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If properly taken care of, microlink extensions can last around three to five months. Remember that as your natural hair grows, the extensions will slowly move away from your scalp. Maintaining them involves adjusting them every six to eight weeks. It prevents tangling and helps them look their best.

How to Style Microlink Extensions

The best thing about these extensions is you can style them like natural hair. You can use the same products and tools on them, and it won’t damage them. However, when using heat, you want to stay away from the beads and use a good amount of heat protectant.

If you’re someone who has struggled to grow your hair out but wants the look of long hair, microlink extensions can be a great tool for you.