Face Tape Is Taking Over TikTok — Here’s What You Need to Know

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Face tape has gone viral on TikTok after promising an instantly sculpted face that won’t cost you a fortune and is completely painless. It sounds intriguing, but does it work? Read on and see if a thin strip of tape can transform your neck, jawline, cheekbones, and eyes.

How Face Tape Works

People have been using face tape for a while now. It’s designed to lift the skin, just like having a very tight ponytail that pulls your face back and up.

You can go for a tape connected by an elasticized band. This one is super convenient as you can put it around your head and hide it underneath your hair. There are also individual adhesives that aren’t connected by a band. These are mainly used to lift the eye area.

How to Use Face Tape

To start, make sure to clean your face first and then apply the tape. From there, you can proceed with your makeup as usual.

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Remember to choose an elastic band that’s close in color to your hair and apply the face tape to the same place on each side of your face. A good quality tape is supposed to stay on for hours before it loosens up. Remove it as soon as it starts feeling uncomfortable.

Side Effects of Face Tape

You also want to consider some side effects that come with using face tape. For some skin types, it can be irritating and damaging. After all, this tape is designed to pull your skin, and it’s normal to make it drier and itchy.

For some people, it might also cause allergies. If you have a lot of hair, make sure it doesn’t get tangled in the tape. Try it out and see if it gives you the effect you desire!