Expert Ghostwriter Shares How to Break Up With Someone Via Text

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Breaking up with someone requires quite a lot of effort and planning. The good news is that we can now do that over a text, using a little help from a professional ghostwriter. Here’s how to handle it properly…

The ‘Art’ of Ghosting

When it comes to relationships, communicating is a key part, and ghosting someone can affect their confidence and make them doubt themselves. We often ghost because we don’t want to reject the other person. Or simply because we’re a little scared.

Justine Ang Fonte, MEd, MPH, is a professional educator on topics about health and sexuality. Not long ago, she also started working as a freelance breakup “ghostwriter.” She helps people who need to write a good breakup text thanks to her skillfully crafted templates. Of course, she lets her clients personalize the notes.

Is Ghosting Okay?

Ghosting is fine if your safety is somehow threatened physically or emotionally. In such cases, you won’t have to feel guilty about not messaging someone back, and you can even block them. It’s not ideal, but it works, we guess?

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If you put yourself in the other person’s shoes and think it would feel rude if they rejected you, then maybe go for a more personal way of breaking up, like a phone call or a real-life conversation. You can even ask them for a FaceTime call or meet them at the coffee shop. Of course, if you feel unsafe, a text is always the better option.

How to Craft the Text

The text formula Fonte recommends is: “Hi [Name], here’s what was really great + Here’s the thing that I think was missing or the thing that I think we didn’t align on + I wish you well because you are a good person.”

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However, never blame them. Simply explain that you understand they need more time and that you respect their feelings.

Remember that if the other person has hurt your feelings, you don’t owe them a compliment. Explain how you feel and be honest about it. Set your boundaries straight and directly say you wouldn’t like to continue the relationship.