Signs of Cheating People Wish They’d Paid Attention to Sooner

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Finding out if your partner’s cheating on you can be easier than you think. Even though many ignore some obvious signs that their significant other is betraying them, it’s always better to leave. If you start having doubts about your partner’s honesty, this is the first sign that something is going on behind your back. Here are a few suspicious actions you should never ignore.

Phone Possessiveness and Cheating Accusations

If your partner constantly changes their passwords and never allows you to use their phone, even to play music or use navigation, that’s an obvious sign of cheating. Their phone is always face down, and the panic on their face when you try to pick it up speaks volumes, too.

Is your significant other pointing out the possibility of you cheating even when you haven’t done anything wrong? Don’t be fooled that they are protective or scared to lose you. These actions only showcase their insecurities and low self-esteem. It often means they’ll need another person’s attention to feel better about themselves.

Buying Gifts and Guilt Tripping

Buying your significant other presents is a nice gesture. However, if your partner starts overwhelming you with gifts and taking you to fancy dinners all the time, they could be feeling guilty about something and trying to compensate for their actions.

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If you start doubting your partner, and they accuse you of not believing them, this is just another red flag added to the list. If you hear from multiple people about your partner cheating, they probably aren’t trying to ruin your relationship but protect you instead.

Being Secretive and Not Answering the Phone

If your partner is usually very active on social media but still refuses to post photos of you together, this might be another sign of them cheating. They’re probably talking to someone else and don’t want to make your relationship official in front of everyone.

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Not answering the phone might happen from time to time, especially if your significant other is a busy person. However, if they never pick up the first time you call and call you back hours later, this might mean they’re currently spending time with someone else. One more sign is canceling your dates at the last minute and later changing their mind.