All About Liam Payne’s Son Bear

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Did you know that Liam Payne has a child? The One Direction singer and his ex-girlfriend Cheryl welcomed their son Bear back in 2017. Here is everything we know about the little guy and how Liam has managed his “young dad” duties throughout the years. Meet Bear Gray!

On Birthdays and Names

Bear was born on March 22nd. Liam and Cheryl announced his birth on Instagram with a photo of Payne gently holding his son. The singer added a heartwarming caption to celebrate becoming a dad, saying it was his favorite memory so far.

Liam and Cheryl shared they were hesitant on whether they should choose a traditional name or not. Apparently, the mom was the one who wanted something more unusual, so they eventually went with Bear. According to Liam, the name suits his son even though the singer didn’t really like it at first.

On Music and Privacy

Liam Payne shares that his son is his biggest fan. Bear is the first to hear his songs before they’re released. He also said that the little one always gets excited to listen to his music and gets as close to the speaker as possible.

Instagram // @liampayne

Payne and Cheryl have decided to maintain Bear’s privacy and not show his face on social media. While they’ve posted some photos here and there, you can only see his back or hands. The two have made a mutual decision to give him a chance to grow freely outside the spotlight. He’ll eventually make his own choices when he’s older.

On Fashion and Christmas

Although we haven’t seen Bear’s face, Liam Payne claims that his son looks exactly like him. He also shared that they have a similar taste in fashion. In 2017, the former One Direction member posted a photo on Instagram wearing matching Yeezys with Bear and captioned it “Like father like son.”

Just like most kids, Bear is a big fan of Christmas and loves watching Home Alone. “Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals” was even one of his first phrases, which his dad loved. Liam shared that he learned how to enjoy the holidays again, thanks to Bear. The singer was always away from home on Christmas when he was younger, so spending the holidays with his son has brought back his love for the special day.